Wednesday01 February 2023

Yahoo wants to buy Hulu

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Looks like Yahoo wants to invest a lot of money in its future. First they purchased Tumblr last week for 1.1 billion U.S. dollars, then for an unspecified amount obtained PlayerScale, and now Hulu is their next target. The company is reportedly ready to offer 800 million U.S. dollars for this acquisition.

Hulu is a service for video streaming through which users can watch television shows, series, movies, trailers and similar content from numerous American TV networks and movie studios. It is worth mentioning that the service can only be used in America. The exact price of Hulu will actually vary between 600 and 800 million dollars, depending on how many levels of control over the operation of services Yahoo wants and plans to have. Other interested parties are DirecTV and Time Warner Cable.

Interest in Hulu is another indication that Yahoo invested immense effort (and money) to expand its service offerings, creat younger customer base and return to the radar of all Internet users.

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