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2012 looks like it is the year of the leak; this time it is nVidia... again

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16-Card-07Wow it looks like this month is the moth for leaks; we have seen early leaks on Intel’s Z77 chipset, nVidia’s mobile Kepler GPU and even early full reviews of Intel’s Ivy Bridge (this incident sent some at Intel over the edge). Now we have new leaks on nVidia’s Kepler. The first leak was a simple one that involved the early publishing of nVidia’s GTX 680 launch video. Apparently this was leaked on the eve of the launch (which if rumor is to be believed) is tomorrow some time.

Now this leak is bad enough, but to follow that up someone leaked the specifications for the GK110 GPU. This seems to be the name of that game as some of the sites out there are doing anything they can to get traffic. But NDA breaks and leaks are not what we are here to talk about. Instead we want to take a look at what was leaked today and see if it is worth the effort to buy the next generation GPU from the green team.

We know that the GTX680 is going to be slightly behind AMD’s HD7970 in terms of raw power. The GTX 680 is supposed to have 1536 Cuda cores, 2GB of GDDR5, and more. This with the current technology this should yield around 3-3.10 TeraFLOPs of processing power. However, the GK110 will have 2304 Cuda cores which should ramp things up to around 4.5 TeraFLOPs. This passes over the 7970 which comes in at 4.09 TeraFLOPs of raw compute power.

Now the next thing that needs to be leaked is the date and time (beyond 2H 2012) for this launch. If it is early in 2H then we might see nVidia put AMD on their heels for a couple of months, at least if nVidia can release the new GPU with decent drivers and also have enough to get out to the market. We have seen both nVidia and AMD paper launch products before so we are concerned that both the pending GTX680 and the GK110 could end up being that type of launch. We do hope that this is not the case, and as of this writing we have no indications that there are any problems with availability. So for now, sit back and enjoy the launch video for nVidia’s GTX680… it should be here tomorrow.


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