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Apple Fans Try to Use Ad Mistake to Bash the Surface 2

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It must be a slow news day over at Apple Insider where they have chosen to present a mistake in an advertisement to try and slam the new Surface 2. You see according to them, the ad shows Excel making a mistake in addition. This somehow translates to Microsoft being bad and Excel being worse than numbers. The author of the piece quickly went about showing how much better Numbers was by using it to calculate the same sum and they came up with the correct number. The logical leap here is something staggering considering it is not a photo of the surface, but a piece of graphic art.

Have the Apple faithful become so desperate that this is really all they have to show? We know from simply looking at Market Share that the Surface is not doing well and is unlikely to change considering it is a Microsoft built device and one that consumers are not particularly interested in. This is a simple fact that no one can really deny. However the reason for the failing has nothing to do with bad math. It has to do with Microsoft’s change of direction in the way they are presenting Windows. The concept of becoming a devices and services company is counter intuitive to the consumer. Microsoft is the software you use, not the computer or tablet you buy.
SurfaceExcel 001 111013

Getting back to the original article, the author attempted to lampoon the ad by showing that their preferred brand of Kool-Aid was much better. Oddly what they did not do was see if the actual application pictured in the ad was capable of doing the math properly. We are sure this was a small oversight on their part and not any form of bias. However we thought we would take care of that for them.
looks good

Well look at that, Excel can add too. This means there is no problem with the application at all. The app is perfectly capable of adding things up. So how did this happen? It is pretty simple to find that out really. It is an ad, it is not a photograph of the actual product. Typos in ads are nothing new and Apple has had their share of them too. It does not diminish the product on either side. The irony of this is that the ad was probably put together by an agency that uses Macs as their primary platform. The majority of the ad companies I know of do this which means that the bad ad was put together… on a Mac. Maybe the real problem is that the agency responsible for the ad is simply incompetent and the people responsible for checking and those for approving the ad are in need of replacement.

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