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Archival Disc for long term storage from Sony and Panasonic

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Japanese companies Panasonic and Sony have introduced a new standard format optical disc called Archival Disc which will be able to store between 300 GB and 1 TB of data per disc. Companies at the presentation highlighted how the new optical disc format has the advantage of good resistance to humidity and temperature changes, as well as the effects of dust.

They also promised and intergenerational compatibility between different generations of Archival Disc format. According to current plans, the first specimens of this size with a capacity of 300 GB (double-sided disc with three layers on one side) should occur during the summer of 2015. Available space for data storage will be increased gradually as they improve signal processing, together with the increased density of records to the limit of 1 TB per disk.

On the new disc Archival data can be written only once and is suitable for long term storage.

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