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Asus Xonar Essence STU

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xonar essence stu

Asus has announced Xonar Essence STU, very interesting DAC with integrated headphone amplifier. The device, according to Asus, has the same internal design as the critically acclaimed Xonar Essence ST/STX Series sound cards for audiophiles.

While by capabilities it may be located just below the top Xonar Essence One, Essence STU model specifications nevertheless promises  music lovers high quality playback of favorite songs. The device has a dual mono structure with a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 120 dB, and support for ASIO drivers. Asus has used high-quality components (such as Finegold Nichicon capacitors) in the production of and the device and it also has three interchangeable Operational Amplifiers TI NS LME49720 and NS-LM4562NA by which users can further adjust the sound to their own preferences.

Digital-to-analog conversion is performed by Texas Instruments (Burr-Brown) DAC chip PCM1792A while as an amplifier for headphone is used chip TPA6120A2 with an impedance of up to 600 ohms. Xonar Essence STU has already standard asynchronous USB interface and switch for gain amplifiers for headphones with low and high impedance, very useful in some troubled headset with low impedance and high sensitivity, such as certain IEM model with a balanced armature.
As connectivity is concerned there are USB connector, two digital and one analog input, headphone output (6.3 mm) and a stereo RCA output of the amplifier, so that Essence STU can serve as a preamp to the audio system. There are two potentiometers for volume, one for headphones and one for the specified RCA outputs. Price unfortunately has not yet been published, as well as the start time of sale.

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