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Cheaper Surface RT to come with Windows 8.1

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Last week it was announced that Microsoft has plans to lower the prices of their tablet Surface RT. Information have now become official, and tablet in the cheapest version now costs $150 less than before.

Specifically, the price of Surface RT which comes with a storage capacity of 32 GB without a keyboard in the U.S. now stands at $350, while a model with the capacity of 64 GB is now reduced from 600 to 450 dollars. Students in the 25 selected countries where Microsoft's tablet is available can get the  32 gigabyte Surface RT until the end of August for only 200 dollars.

Price of the Surface Pro has not been decreased, but it is believed that this is a clear signal that the launch of the new edition of tablets is very close, which could be the same time Microsoft intended for lauch of Windows 8.1.

[Ed - Microsoft is claiming that the Surface is a hit and their decision to make a touch first OS was the right one. The problem with that claim is that the numbers do not add up. Even with the sales of Windows 8 there is almost a one for one sale of something to bring back the desktop and the start menu. These types of figures and that fact that Mircosoft is dropping the prices on the Surface should be a big hint to the industry (and to Microsoft) that perhaps this strategy is not working out after all...]

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