Sunday26 March 2023

DirectX 12 to be launched at GDC

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Microsoft will later this month finally announce some more details about the new release of the DirectX APIs. According to the official announcement, presentation of DirectX 12 is scheduled for 20th March at a conference of the Game Developers Conference (GDC).


The presentation should be held by head of the Microsoft Windows Graphics Department, Anuj Gosalia, while there are still no precise details and specifications of the new API. From Microsoft's announcement earlier it is only known that the DirectX 12 will be "closer to the metal"; it will allow game developers direct access to graphics hardware and performance of the GPU, similar to what currently AMD's Mantle API offers.

Invitation to presentation at GDC also reveals that the DirectX 12 will be supported by all major video card manufacturers like AMD, Nvidia, Intel and Qualcomm.

[Ed - The question now is, who will support this and when. It is very possible that Microsoft could find themselves with very limited game and hardware support considering the direction that computing is going. It will be interesting to see who picks up this API and if they will use it more than what is being done with DX11.]

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