Sunday05 February 2023

Fully charged battery in only 30 seconds by StoreDot

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Israeli scientists from startup companiy StoreDot have developed a new technology designed for charging mobile phones. Using the technology of quantum dots presented in the form of a separate external additon (special bio-organic battery), mobile devices can be fully charged in just 30 seconds.

StarDot's bio-organic battery is based on peptides (at least two related amino acids) and the ability to control the process of connecting such molecules during which nanocrystals are being generated. They are stable, solid and very thin spheres with a diameter of 2.1 nanometers with special properties that can be used in semiconductor devices. The whole technology is still in the prototype stage, but the future of technology is guaranteed thanks to the previous $6.25 million investment in StoreDot.

A lot of compnaies are interested in this technology, including the South Korean Samsung. Except for the battery charging technology, it can be used to create a bio-screen or a bio-battery.

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