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Halo 4 Will Not be the Xbox 720 Launch Title and Other Gaming News

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halo-4-screenshot-2Today was an interesting day in gaming. Considering that it is a Saturday in the US (May 19th 2012) which is normally not a big new day we found some of the information interesting to say the least. One of the first is a bit of news from Microsoft. Here the title in question is Halo 4, the next episode with the now famous “Master Chief” in a new “trilogy” of Halo games. The new was an interesting counter to the claim that the November 2012 launch date for Halo 4 was going to signal the launch of a new XboX.

Microsoft has all but squashed that considering they stated quite clearly that Halo 4 would be Xbox “360” only. This means that there is not a chance of a new console launch timed for the launch of the game. In fact what is much more likely is for the game to launch in time for the Windows 8, Windows RT and potentially a new XboX 360 OS that allows for the seamless integration we saw at the Build Conference.
Here we feel that what we will see is the ability to enjoy your Xbox 360 titles on your Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 and Windows RT devices.  After all that is what Microsoft is looking for, a unified platform for their family of products. Still there is no doubting that Halo 4 should be a big hit with gamers when it is launched in November.
In other gaming news a new PS3 game called Dust 514 is open for a public beta. CCP Games is the publisher behind the game (CPP also put out EVE Online).  If you are already an EVE Online player you have a chance to get picked for this expansion to the closed beat and join in this new MMOG. According to CCP the new players will be added to the close beta group which still numbers in the thousands.

Once it is released Dust 514 will be a “freemium” game. This means the game will be free to grab from the PlayStation Store and to play, but if you want to get more items, or more features you will have to start dumping some money into the game. Dust 514 will be a PS3 only title with no plans to extend it beyond that scope.
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