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iWatch delayed because of manufacturing problems

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Apple 's smart watch, or simply iWatch is a product whose release is expected for a long time now, and in the meantime it got a fairly large number of competitors. The long-awaited presentation still has not happened , and the reason are not marketing games from Cupertino, but something completely different . The Information Portal has reported that Apple has certain problems in the production of the mentoned device iWatch.

It is alleged that the Apple's leadership has not yet decided which technology to use for the display of thsi watch, since most screen just drains the battery. How familiar technologies were not efficient enough, at Apple have opted for the latest technical solutions and OLED screen that should provide at least five days using of the device without recharging - but it still has not been achieved.

In addition to this, additional rumors claim that in the process of production, there are some problems with finishing of iWatch body which does not give the desired results. Despite these obstacles, we should see iWatch arriving on the market in October, due to these delays.

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