Tuesday04 October 2022

Microsoft joins the smart watch race

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When speaking about patent applications as indications of new products, a few companies come immediately in mind, usually old rivals like Apple and Samsung, especially when it comes to new product categories. But back in 2012 Microsoft decided to join the race. They recently published their patent application that describes the "Wearable Personal Information System" which is basically a smart watch, and sports armband.

The most significant feature of this potential product is the removable screen, which can be inserted in any other fitness equipment or into a standard bracelet which you will get by default. Functions such as measuring steps, speed or heart rate would thus be able to perform on the user's hand and on the other equipment like treadmill, bicycles etc.

Of course, this watch should be able to show the time and serve as an alarm clock, a music player and much more. Other hardware details are not known, nor the fact which OS Microsoft plans to install in this gadget.


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