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Movie about Steve Jobs gets disappointing results so far

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After a numerous announcements during the filming of the movie about Steve Jobs, tons of praise and all the hype, in the end it seems that the whole project was not successful.


The film earned just $6.7 million in the opening weekend, which is a third less than the film about Facebook earned in 2010 (the Social Network). Movies “The Butler” and “We're the Millers” premiered on the same day and are already greatly surpassed the earnings of the film “Jobs”. “The Butler” earned 25,010,000 dollars in the first weekend, and “We're the Millers” 26,419,396 dollars.

Although earnings failed to meet the expectations, the film still earned enough to cover part of the cost of production, which according to speculations of IMDb totaled to $8.5 million.

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