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New insights on Google Glass

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Developers and other lucky ones who got the first copies of the Google Glass on testing revealed more details about this interesting gadget. Among them is Jay Lee, who with the help of Liam McLaughlin managed to find the USB debugging options of Glass and connect them to computer via Android ADB.

In this way, developers were given some additional hardware specifications of the device, which, according to ADB's information has a dual-core Texas Instrumentsov OMAP 4430 processor, and probably a gigabyte of RAM, of which 682 MB is available to developers. The rest of memory is reserved for the functioning of Google Glass hardware, while the version of Android operating system used is 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich), as it was expected.
However, Jay Lee failed to find the correct information about the processor working frequency. Used mobile processor is already a few years old, and on par with Tegra 2 (same or similar to the chip used in Amazon's Kindle Fire), but the glass anyway dont need high performance, but the possibility for longer battery life, while data processing is mostly handled by cloud or smartphones .

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