Anonymous and Occupy want to Occupy the Vote in 2012

anonIn what has to be one of the most unusual “Get-The-Vote-Out” campaigns that I have personally seen it appears that Anonymous and the Occupy group are urging people to hold politicians accountable for their actions by voting them out of office.  While some in the media are calling this a first it is not the in reality. In multiple messages Anonymous has called on the public to hold their political leaders accountable. Their methods might be different at times, but this is also the beginning of the voting season in the US so the move really comes as no surprise.

The collective that calls itself Anonymous has had a very interesting year so far and they do not seem to be slowing down. So far they have brought down the CIA’s website, multiple sites run by the FTC, attacked the Mexican Mining industry, and more. The list of sites and databases they have broken into is growing. This has caused enough fear of the group that legislator have even begun to use them like the boogey-man to frighten others into sponsoring and pushing increasingly oppressive internet laws into Congress.

occupy-the-voteOf course Anonymous is a collective, not a singular organization. While members of the group may gather for an operation or to present a message they are rarely all working on the same thing or even have the exact same goal. This means that while we might see them asking people to come out and vote to replace the incumbent politicians that have tried to push laws like SOPA, PIPA and NDAA we will also see them continue to strike at governments and corporations through the use of DDOS and more normal hacks.

Recently they have sent about 5,000 emails from Strategic Forecasting (Stratfor) to WikiLeaks for publishing. The emails are on a variety of topics and include everything from the 2008 Presidential election to efforts to control the media (nothing new there). The validity of these emails is unknown at the time of publication.

There is no telling if the Occupy the Vote campaign will have any success, but we do know that anyone thinking of getting elected had better have a clean record or keep all of their dirty little secrets off of their computers. It is a fact that Anonymous is watching. They might have only been an annoyance in the past, but all of that has changed. They have shown that there is very few places to hide information anymore and what they have found has appears to have made them more disenchanted with the governments out there.

The 2012 US Presidential and Congressional elections will be very interesting indeed. We would not be surprised to begin learning more and more about the candidates from Anonymous sources in the coming months. I wonder when the Anon Channel news will start up?

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