BSA withdraws support for SOPA

un-censorship-InternetThere are times when you have to wonder what people are thinking. With the SOPA act we wondered that ourselves; especially after a rash of articles came out linking the BSA (Business Software Alliance) to SOPA and by proxy to any member of that group. Now we have never been one to make leaps like that unless we have additional confirmation, but it was enough for use to try and find out what was going on.

We sent several emails off to the BSA as well as to Microsoft and found the answers very interesting. While the BSA has declined to comment to us Microsoft did. Yesterday a Microsoft Spokesperson stated “we are not providing any further information at this time”. Now I was very interested in this comment as Microsoft has a lot riding on the outcome of this bill. If they are linked to it as a supporter they will lose consumer confidence and their efforts for Windows 8 and Windows Mobile will be put in jeopardy.

In fact my reply stated that very thing, but was still unable to get any additional information.
After that I decided to follow up on another item that had been bothering me. In the statement from the BSA  about supporting SOPA there was a comment there that sounded unsure. It was made by BSA President and CEO Robert Holleyman;

“As Congress continues its work on this legislation, it will be important to strike the right balance between two sets of considerations — enabling effective action against online pirates, while also ensuring the law does not impede technology innovation or the evolution of software and the Internet, which are critical engines for future economic growth.”

This statement struck me as an odd thing to say if you are fully behind something. So I asked that very question.
Now we find out today that the BSA has withdrawn support for SOPA stating

"Due process, free speech, and privacy are rights that cannot be compromised. And the security of networks and communications is indispensable to a thriving Internet economy. Some observers have raised reasonable questions about whether certain SOPA provisions might have unintended consequences in these areas,"

The verbiage is very familiar but now is stated much more clearly. If I were to make a guess it would be that the companies that are represented by the BSA have not only looked at the outrageous items in the bill but have also had time to measure the potential impact to their companies if they are officially tied to it.

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