General Electric brings new cooling method


General Electric (GE) has demonstrated a very interesting system of cooling computer chips. The system is called Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jets (DCJ) and it is a reduced version of the cooling system they already developed for cooling jet engines - the first patent for DCJ to General Electric was given back in 2004.

According to the description from scientists, DCJ functions much like lungs and is made up of a multi-layer structure consisting of two nickel metal tiles and ceramic piezoelectric element between them. By bringing power to the piezoelectric element it shrinks and swells and in a way moves the plates that then draws in cool air and blows out hot. Everything takes place at a frequency of around one hundred hertz, or 150 times per second.

DCJ can be big competition for conventional air coolers, especially because it's features are ideal for installation in thin notebooks and tablets – the DCJ cooler is only 3mm thick, and since the solution takes up much less space it can then be used for other purposes. Also this cooler consumes half the electricity energy to operate compared to the similar standard solutions.

In addition, DCJ is almost perfectly silent while working, which is also a very important feature for most users. GE is already working with OEM manufacturers to commercialize this technology, but the actual implementation in mobile devices can be expected in the next few years.

Do you think this new form of cooling will allow for faster CPUs in mobile deivces? Or should we expect more power with less heat from our processors? Tell us in our Forum

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