Twitter reaches 200 million


Twitter celebrated their sixth anniversary back in March. During the celebration the company announced that they had reached over 140 million active users per month and that there are around 340 million tweets made daily. [This is not a bad achievement, but it does make use wonder about the sheer amount of inane information that gets broadcast around the globe every day; 140 words at a time. –Ed]

Today, they had a new revelation and a new record. Twitter, on their own social network, announced that the number of active users has climbed to over 200 million per month. Also, in parallel with the number of increased users, the number of tweets rose- now they are on average of more than 400 million published tweets per day. According to unofficial data, in total on Twitter, there are over half a billion user accounts, but the greater part of the users are inactive.

Despite the fact that growth in the number of users on Twitter is impressive, it is still relatively small compared to Facebook's billion users. Still, compared to the 135 million on the service Google+, Twitter has more active users so at least they are not in the last place.

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