Wednesday07 December 2022

OnLive has launched CloudLift

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The company OnLive has launched CloudLift, a new cloud-gaming service that allows users to use the power of the cloud and play their favorite PC games purchased on one of the popular services for digital distribution of games - starting with steam, on any device.

For a monthly fee of 15 dollars users can connect Steam games to the OnLive account and play them on tablets, Mac or Linux computers, Google TV and similar devices where playing of "big video games" is not available. Progress made during gameplay is automatically recorded in the cloud, making the transition from platform to platform even easier, according to the OnLive.

Unfortunately, the list of games that support CloudLift is currently quite small, and includes games that have been released by Warner Bros and Deep Silver. Although the OnLive for the future announced the reconstruction of supported games list we have to admit that the relatively poor support during launch could repel potential users.

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