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Samsung promises to make an impact on the Windows 8 market

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Just as they conquered the Android world, or maybe even the whole smartphone market with their Galaxy S3, Samsung wants to do the same with Windows 8. On their invite with the “Framing The Future” catchphrase we can see two notebooks, and from the first look they will definitely try to make a good first impression with its thickness and neat design. The event will take place at the Museum and maybe that's just a hint from Samsung that they intend to do (or bring) something revolutionary.

Rumors going around are that Samsung will finally bring their Series 9 notebook. When they showed the concept model at the IFA, it had 13-inch display with a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels, and a nice matte finish. With a 226 PPI density it's on par with the MacBook Pro's Retina display. Obviously the Apple vs Samsung war will continue and even move into the laptop market. There are some rumors that Apple will also release 13-mch Retina MacBook Pro so the new Samsung’s won’t have such an easy time.

If we check the invite again, we can see that they prefer a simpler design, with blue and gray as standard colors, similar to Galaxy S3 commercials. Maybe the museum trick is to present their devices as art, or at least artistically designed, but if we consider Samsung’s behavior in the smartphone field, we can expect top tier notebook hardware as well. The company looks to be doing great even after they announced their record profits and it looks like all that Apple lawsuit's didn’t have much of an impact on them. It's great to see that they continue to bring high end devices to the market instead of trying to press charges on everyone while releasing longer devices.

[Ed – The Samsung V Apple war is far from over. Although it might become more “low-intensity” and we could see fewer lawsuits we fully expect to see both companies try to outdo each other in marketing, hardware and consumer relations. Apple has the upper hand in marketing, although we have to admit the new Samsung commercials and ads are great. Samsung, on the other hand has the upper hand in terms of manufacturing and in many cases their performance and feature set is better than what Apple can offer. It will be very interesting to see what Samsung pushes out for Windows 8 especially if Microsoft’s new OS does not catch on…]

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