Wednesday01 February 2023

Samsung to implement AMOLED screens in their tablets

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According to the Korean newspaper, Samsung plans to use AMOLED screens in their tablets. Sources say that they should be implemented in 8 and 10 inch models.

Analysts believe that Samsung decided to make this mvoe in order to compete in one more way with Apple in the tablet market segment. According to the latest IDC's data, Apple globally in the third quarter delivered 30% of the tablet, while Samsung had a share of 22%. The rumor is that this technology will be used for screen in high-end Samsung tablets.

Samsung has been a pioneer in the production and use of AMOLED screens. The technology does not require the use of the backlight and allows you to create thinner screen compared to traditional LCDs. Another advantage is the truer black colors, which every true videophile will certainly appreciate.

[Ed - AMOLED is a cleaner display, but also can cost more to produce than some of the other technologies on the market. With the color depth they can get this could could imrpove their multi-media and even gaming display. It is not going to realy improve perfromance in terms of FPS, but it could make things look much better.]

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