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Samsung unites cameras and smartphones

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Samsung is very familiar with hybrids between camera and smartphone, and now the thing has become official. Specifically, the plan is to unite the department for the development of cameras and cell phones.

Name of the new department will be Digital Imaging and Mobile Communications, and one of the main objectives will be advanced camera phones. According to Korean sources, Samsung will transplant brand, distribution method, software components and production from the department of mobiles in the department of cameras. On the other hand, they will integrate the technical competence of the two departments to maximize opportunities for differentiating their smartphones from the competition.

The first concrete results are expected next year. It will be interesting to see how close these hybrids can come close to DSLR photo quality, which is something we would all like to have in our pockets, of course if the display is not too big so it can fit in.

[Ed - It is higly unlikley that these phones will ever replace DSLR cameras. When the 35mm DSLR first came out we had to hear all about how 35mm would replace Medium and Large Format cameras. They are still in wide use for high-end photography and also for portrature. What these phones will do is to supplant the point and shoot market, but they simply will never reach the real performance and flexibility of the DSLR]

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