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Sandisk drops an SSD with 4 TB capacity

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Sandisk company unveiled its first SSD drive with capacity of up to 4 TB. It is a solid state disk Optimus Max from Optimus series. The disc is based on the 19 nanometer architecture NAND chips and is manufactured in the factory which Sandisk shares with Toshiba. Optimus Max is optimized for tasks that are oriented towards reading data such as image storage and daily provides a total of 1-3 direct data set.

According to Sandisk, their new product is the first product that delivers performance of SATA to SAS disk. By the end of the year they plan to issue the same model but with a larger capacity of 6 and 8 TB. The new drive will be only one of several drives that the company will launch by the end of the year.  

Manuel Martull, SanDisk Product & Solution Marketing Director said that they "...see reaching the 4TB mark as really just the beginning and expect to continue doubling the capacity every year or two, far outpacing the growth for traditional HDDs

The others will come from the Eco series that includes drives that are capable of one to three direct entries for one day (DWPD), Ascend series which supports 10 direct entries per day and Ultra and Extreme series that support 25 or 45 such records.

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Edited 5-06-2014 with new information from Sandisk.

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