Saturday01 October 2022

Snapchat charged for misleading statements about user's privacy

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Snapchat lately came under criticism after it was revealed that their services are not entirely what they appear. The case went before the U.S. Trade Commission, which has accused the company that messages sent via Snapchat can easily be saved even though the application claims that they are only temporary.

Exactly that became a part of the lawsuit because Snapchat deceived their users with statement that the messages dissaper forever once they are seen. Also, the company is accused of not been honest about how much of private user's data is saved and how. All this led them to reach a settlement with the Commission, and accept certain terms of the settlement.

According to Snapchat, they will have to implement a privacy program that will be monitored for the next 20 years. Hereby they avoid direct fine, but in the case of non-compliance with the provisions of the policy program it will be imposed.

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