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Steve Jobs' iPad Falls Into the Hands Of A Clown and Used to Entertain Childern

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We all have heard that someone broke in and stole property from the house of the late Steve Jobs. Although the act was deplorable it later came to light the thief that took upwards of $60,000 in property (according to insurance estimates) did not even know whose house he was breaking into. Instead he happily took his ill-gotten gains and proceeded to try and turn them into money. From what we are hearing most of the products have been recovered and the thief is in jail.

One of the last items was the iPad that belonged to Steve Jobs. This was finally found in the hands of some clown who did not know it was stolen. No we mean it; it was literally in the hands of a clown. The original thief gave the iPad to a professional clown by the name of Kenny the Clown. Kenneth Kahn (as Kenny the Clown is known in real life) said that a friend gave it to him. The friend was (as we have just said) the original thief Kariem McFarlin.

Kenny the Clown stated that he only used the iPad to download songs and play them for the kids he was entertaining. His ownership of the tablet lasted a few days before the police tracked it down and asked for it back. In some way we think it was rather fitting that the tablet ended up being used to entertain children instead of stored away like a museum piece, but since it was stolen it should be returned to the rightful owners.

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