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Surveillance cam killers in Germany

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They spy on us in the virtual world, which is no problem for them to do, and now they do it more and more in the physical world. Every once in a while a new surveillance camera sprouts up somewhere. Germans, especially those who live in Berlin, which is full of surveillance cameras, are sick of this trend. To do something about it they organized Camover 2013 competition, a kind of game in which you destroy CCTV cameras.

According to a report from The Guardian, participants that are especially creative in their destruction receive extra points. The rules are simple - the team must first agree on its name, which must begin with a command, brigade, or cell, and the second part of the name is a parody of a historical figure. Second step is to destroy as many CCTV cameras as possible, with a recommendation to conceal their identity. All this should be captured and sent to the organizers, whose page is constantly removed from the web.

Although there are no physical rewards for all of this destruction the organizers hope that people will see the award as a reduced number of surveillance cameras. The game ends on 19th February, when the European Police Congress begins. Are the ones that are into this movement vandals or are they just fighting for the right to privacy, you tell us what you think about this.

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