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Yesterday Amazon made an announcement that they were working on plans to deliver goods to people’s homes using a fleet of electrical powered, unmanned drones. The articles that followed this were… forward looking to say the least. Many of them seem to have missed s crucial part of the announcement (and reality). Sadly for them these little snags will probably delay any attempt to use drones for delivery for at least the next ten years.

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013 16:02

Ziphius water drone


Water drone Ziphius who hides a Raspberry Pi computer inside of his housing, last year came out as a winner in quite a few innovators competitions, and now has become a concrete project that will be released to the market after they collected enough money on Kickstarter. They are seeking $ 125,000 so they could bring it to the market .

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UT drone

Last week we published an article that highlighted the work of a group of students at the University of Texas led by Professor Todd Humphreys. During an impressive demonstration they were able to bring a commercial drone (the same type is also used by Law Enforcement) down by spoofing the GPS data sent to it during navigation. The flaw was found in just about any Drone that uses the civil GPS system (which also could apply to many other devices) and does not include encrypted GPS applications yet although the research did show that with the right equipment even encrypted GPS systems could be vulnerable.

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predator-hackedAlthough the media world seems shocked by the news that the unmanned drones in use by the military are vulnerable to cyber-attacks we wonder exactly why. I mean come on how many security breaches of high-level “secured” sites have to happen before someone gets it? There really is no such thing as a secure system. This has been shown time and again going back to the first encryption methods. If you have some access to the system you can get in.

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