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Its seems that the efforts of Ukrainian hacktivists have decided to focus their efforts on a new and interesting target. In addition to other strategic targets, they have gone after one of the central portals for Russian alcohol distribution. The attack is currently manifested in the form of a distributed denial of service attack(s) targeting the portal to render it inaccessible. This means that distillers and distributors of alcoholic beverages are not able to get their products into consumers hands.

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The whistle blowing site WikiLeaks has finally stepped over an imaginary line and annoyed Anonymous their one time protector. Although there has been rumblings in the community about the direction that WikiLeaks was heading in the collective was always ready to defend the site and by-proxy its owner Julian Assange. The straw that finally broke the relationship was the creation of a “paywall” that required you to donate or to share content from the site before allowing you to get to the rest of the site. The donations were not just intended to maintain the site either, but to support site owner Julian Assange and his mounting legal bills and living expenses. 

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Anonymous is back in the headlines; this time it is not for doxing a large and corrupt corporation or a DDoS attack on a government website. This time it is all about the kids. In what certain members of the collective are calling OpPedoChat the activist movement it targeting websites and forums that cater to pedophiles. The group has vowed to wipe them from the internet and expose anyone that uses these sites.

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anonymousThe National Security Agency has just released a report to the powers that be in the US that expresses concern that the online activist group Anonymous could go after the US power grid in the next 3-5 years (we told you things like this would happen). This report was put together by their counter terrorism group and while it lacked any details in the body of the report (like the axis for attack) and forgot to mention there are other people out there that would like to do this (like foreign countries and real Terrorists) it does raise some real concerns.

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