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Samsung V Apple has been the talk of most media outlets for the past week. This is not surprising at all simply because the stakes in this case are so big. As we are sure you are aware Apple has been running an ongoing PR and legal campaign trying to claim that Samsung (their biggest competitor) willfully copied Apples products including the iPhone and iPad. This is something that many media sites have failed to report on despite parroting the statements and press releases from Apple. It was intended to put a predisposition in the minds of people that Samsung is already guilty of copying.

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There are some interesting happenings in the Samsung V Apple trial this morning (well, really overnight). It seems that Apple is working very hard to have sales data sealed. As of right now we do not have the motion that Apple filed, so we are not sure if this means Apple is requesting the evidence not be allowed, or if they just do not want it going public. We are hearing from different sources that they may be asking for either or both (we are guessing that they want it barred as evidence).

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Yesterday Judge Lucy Koh showed us all that she is not concerned with finding the facts in the matter of Apple’s accusations against Samsung (over copying) just as much as she is not concerned with Apple’s own behavior out of court. He is, however, very keen to make sure she controls what the jury is and is not exposed to from Samsung’s representatives. It is an issue that has not only been reported here, but has also popped up on other media outlets expressing concern that the proceedings are fair at all.

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