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Yesterday we reported on a ransomware attack that impacted PC and component manufacturer MSI. When they, MSI, disclosed the attack they claimed there was no significant impact, but failed to consider that most, if not all, modern ransomware attacks also incorporate exfiltration techniques to ensure a ransom is paid. This this case, the group Money Message had exfiltrated data a claimed 1.5TB of data that included firmware, source code, and databases. This sounds a bit significant at this point.

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Updated May-08-2023 with statement from Intel
Back in early April MSI, a popular PC and PC component maker, disclosed that it had a security incident. They stated that they quickly rolled out their Incident Response Team and enacted their recovery procedures (IR and BC/DR plans). Not much was known about the attack at the time, including when the incident happened, just that the disclosure was made to the relevant authorities.

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The new motherboard from MSI codenamed J1800I comes with an Intel Celeron J1800 SoC, and with Intel HD graphics. Despite being embedded, the SoC can clock as fast as 2.4 GHz, TDP is only 10W, so for the cooling is sufficient passive aluminum heatsink what we have so far seen only on the chipset. To ensure stable operation, MSI used Military Class 4 components.

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014 21:16

Z87 Mpower MAX from MSI

The new MSI motherboard labeled Z87 MPower MAX, based on the Z87 chipset comes with a support for Intel Core, Pentium and Celeron processors of the fourth generation in LGA1150 package.

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Friday, 13 December 2013 10:28

MSI's S20 Slider 2 is a dual use device

The MSI S20 Slider 2 comes as a device with a dual role, it can be used as a tablet, but may be converted into a notebook by users desire.

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Thursday, 02 May 2013 20:55

Mechanical keyboards from MSI


MSI has introduced two interesting keyboards designed for gamers, but also for home and business users. Presented model GK-601 and Classic are the mechanical type keyboards with Cherry MX Red switches.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 19:54

MSI G-series for gamers


MSI plans to officially launch a line of motherboards for gamers at the the begining of next month during CeBIT 2013. The MSI G-series motherboard line features and design will be adapted to demanding gamers and overclockers, in the same way as similar products from other companies (such as the Asus ROG line). [At least according to MSI –Ed]

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amd 7850

Since the first day AMD presented the AMD Radeon 7850 2GB graphic card, code name “Pitcairn”, they surprised the industry with its performance, abilities, technology and efficiency that put them in front of the rivals. The 7850 series has around 40% better performance when compared to its predecessor (the 6850) when running at higher resolutions. The HD 7850 is based on 28nm GCN Pitcairn GPU with 1024 stream processord and 256bit memory interface.

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Sunday, 19 February 2012 10:56

Is Asus planning to be the next Dell or HP?

IntroEvery now and then we like to step back and take a look at the component industry. It has not been that long ago when the number of individual component makers began to dwindle. We have already watched as ABIT, SOYO DFI, FIC, and other motherboard manufacturers have disappeared. These were once great companies and flourished in the heyday of the DIY market (the Super Socket 7, Slot A and 1, Socket A etc.). Now the market is collapsing and we see companies that once only directly sold the pieces and parts for our computers starting to assemble them for us as well. Although the three major players in the motherboard/GPU market all have presence in Europe and Asia only one has truly penetrated the North American market and stands poised to make an even bigger impact there; this is Asus.

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Monday, 13 February 2012 21:19

We finish up our time with the MSI X79A-GD65(8D)

board01After taking a look over the MSI X79A-GD65(8D) motherboard and some of MSI’s design choices (and the benefits they bring) we have dove into our performance testing. You may remember that we had concerns about the way the PCIe slots were segmented into Gen3 and Gen2. To check and see what effect (if any) this might have on performance we ran some of our tests with the GPU in the Gen2 slot and some in the Gen3 slot. We were more than a little surprised at what we found out. So let’s get into the performance half of our review of the MSI X79A-GD65(8D) and see what we found.

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