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Friday, 22 January 2016 09:01

Security and Privacy are the same argument.

In the fast paced and insanely stupid argument between privacy advocates and national security advocates we often hear how we need to give up one or the other. The security guys say that privacy will block criminal activity so we need to give up some of that. On the other side the Privacy gang feels that giving up privacy is only hurting the people that are not doing anything wrong. They also feel it has an impact on free speech and limits discourse. What neither side is getting is that they both are right. Strong privacy protections and encryption allow for better and more secure communication. The complement each other in a way that no one seems to get.

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There is no such thing as a secure operating system; it is as simple as that. Despite years and years of hearing about how this OS or that OS is secure it is simply not true. We have watched as each new contender has fallen to either security researchers or to the “bad guys” out there in the shadowy places on the internet. Today we hear about an issue with Microsoft’s vaunted EMET toolkit.

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scrollbar_drinksIt is a parent’s nightmare and something that happens more often that many colleges and bars would care to admit; drugging some girls drink in order to take advantage of her. We as parents go through the litany; never accept a drink from anyone, never let your drink out of your site,… if you are a parent or have a little sister you know the drill.

Well, now in addition to good advice, common sense (a stun gun, martial arts training, a body guard…) you can also give your daughter, sister (or even wife) something else to help. Some geniuses in Israel have come up with a device that can detect the most common drugs used in date rape crimes. The device is disguised to look like a swizzle stick or a straw so that the perpetrator is not aware that you are looking for anything. Inside the device is a solution that changes color in the presence of GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyric acid) and Ketamine for now, but the manufacturers are working to add even more.

They have even added a light to it so that you can use it in dark places. So far the accuracy rate has been 100% which seriously impressive. It is a brilliant idea and one that I hope they can add a few things into; like the ability to shoot a toxic dart at the person that put the drug in, or burn them with acid… hey I can dream can’t I?

Source CNET

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