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Thursday, 17 November 2011 22:41

FXI shows us some Cotton Candy

cc-01Ok, now this is something that looks like it is going to be very cool. Today we got word about something called Cotton Candy. We know you are probably wondering what Cotton Candy is (outside of the real cotton candy). Well, it is a new twist on an old technology. When computer networks first started the screen that was in front of you did not do much processing. In fact, most of the time it did not do any processing. All of that was taken care of by a single powerful mainframe computer and what you saw was the displayed results. Now, as we move more and more into Cloud Based computing we are returning to that style of work. Someone else does all the heavy lifting and you get the results.

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muttWe have heard all kinds of rumors and rumblings about Windows 8. So far we have heard all about how it is much more tablet friendly, designed to work with ARM CPUs and that it will be the best user experience that MS has done yet. We have had a look at a few of the demos (not any of the Betas yet though) and can say that it looks interesting, but I am not sure how it will work as an OS. As Windows Vista showed, just having a nice looking UI means nothing if you cannot back it up with performance.

Fortunately it seems that Microsoft is looking into that. They are talking about making their USB 3.0 stacks more efficient while changing the power profiles to help make battery life a little longer. Microsoft is citing an increase in USB 3.0 devices on the market and user demand for these peripherals as the reason they are working on this. If their claims are true then you might actually see something close to the speeds we were promised from USB 3.0. Personally, I would like them to fix the networking and disk drive stacks first before they worry about peripherals, but that is just me. Still Microsoft is trying I guess, and to make sure their customers know the hard work they have put in they have developed a USB Test Tool called MUTT (Microsoft USB Test Tool). This is designed to show you that USB 3.0 is working. So if you get different results, hey the tool works properly so it must be you right… Be sure to check out the video at the source link.

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DCT-01One of the interesting items with today’s computer market is the use of multiples in so many components. When I first started playing around with PCs there was very little in the consumer (or even prosumer) market that had multiple anything. Occasionally you saw someone with multiple MODEMs running in tandem or shotgun mode. Then 3dfx brought in the multiple GPUs in the form of the add-in Voodoo3D Accelerator and things took off Now we see multiple CPUs and CPU cores, Multiple interlinked channels of RAM, Multiple Video cards, multi-channel audio, and of course multiple monitors.  However, while multiple monitors have penetrated the desktop market the mobile market is still waiting on a solution. The issues is pretty simple; portability. Thanks to Displaylink and Mobile Monitor Technologies we have an answer to those that need an extra screen on the road. So let’s introduce the Field Monitor Pro.

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Monday, 19 July 2010 19:57

UPS Brings more toys for the Lab



cruiserThe UPS truck stopped by today and brought with it some very nice toys.  The first box was from Cooler Master and contained a Choiix Cruiser mouse, all decked out in red. This mouse is part of CM’s more college oriented line of peripherals, and has a decent look to it. We will have to see about how well it performs.

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