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Wolfenstein: The New Order released

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In their latest release, Bethesda has announced that Wolfenstein: The New Order is now released for sale in all world markets. New Wolfenstein title leads us to an alternate history in which the Nazis won the war and established dominion over the entire world.

Our good old friend B. J. Blazkowicz after waking from a coma once again fights against the forces of evil and start a revolution where he will meet with many dangers and incredible war machine that the Nazis will throw at him.

According to the developers, although there is no multiplayer component, Wolfenstein: The New Order is not a game that players will forget about after a couple of days, and why is that you can check at the official website.

[Ed - Yestreday Facebook and other social media was lit up with posts about downloading or playing this long awaited game The choice to not develop multiplayer content is an unusual one, but so far all of the feedback has been very positive... Well with the exception of the install size and the download times. We hope to have a short review for you on The New Order very soon.]

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