Thursday06 October 2022

5 million Galaxy Note 3 Phones shipped

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That demand for phablets is certainly present, once again was shown by deliveries of Samsung devices. In the first month of sales, the Galaxy Note 3 was shipped in over five million copies, according to Samsung.

For comparison, the Galaxy Note II in the first month shipped three million copies, and for the five million mark it needed two months. Original Galaxy Note for the delivery of five million copies needed even more, five months. Galaxy S4, which with a smaller screen is aimed at a much wider audience, in the first month was delivered in ten million copies.

Galaxy Note 3 over its predecessor delivers even larger screen and higher resolution, enhanced functionality of S Pen stylus and even bigger battery, while the size and weight of the device became smaller.

[Ed - Although this is an impressive achievement, units shipped does not equal units sold...]

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