Thursday11 August 2022

Apple pulls iOS 8.0.1 an hour after it launches

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Although there is enough news about the new iPhones and iOS8 already we thought we would finally chime in since there are now around six separate stories about the new device from Apple. We are seeing everything from high cellular usage to the phones bending in someone’s pocket. Apple, to their credit actually rushed out a fix for many of these issues… sadly the fix appears to make things worse.

The problem is bad enough that Apple has made the decision to pull this “fix” for now and try to have another go at it later. Just how bad is it? Well according to multiple sources people that have applied the update are ending up without the ability to connect back to any cellular carrier. On top of this TouchID ends up being broken. Apple has acknowledged that there is an issue, but is not ready to elaborate:

“We are actively investigating these reports and will provide information as quickly as we can," was all that they said when they pulled the update about an hour after it was released.

So it looks like that for now, iPhone owners will have to put up with Buggy WiFi, App crashed (up by 78%), battery drain, high cellular data use when getting a text message and problems with the new healthkit. These problems sort of put a damper on the often repeated Steve Jobs claims that the iPhone, “just works”…

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