Wednesday01 February 2023

Crytek and Deep Silver working to make Homefront: The Revolution an Open World

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Deep Silver and Crytek have announced a follow on to the game Homefront. Called Homefront: The Revolution the game is expected to hit next generation consoles and the PC sometime in 2015. The story fast forwards you four years after the invasion of the US by North Korea. The original Homefront was published by the now gone THQ.

The game now shows the US in a full state of occupation by North Korea with world very much changed from what we know today. You play a lone voice for resisting the occupation in Philadelphia and have to avoid not only patrols, but high-tech surveillance equipment. Crytek is hoping to make this world very alive by opening up the environment as much as possible.homefront-the-revolution-7

According to Crytek they plan on having dynamic weather and effects for day/night time cycles along with making sure the environment gives the feel of a society gone into decay. Unlike many other first person shooter games of this type you are not forced into a cookie cutter style mission. Crytek wants you to have more free will in the missions that you face during your guerilla war on the occupying forces.

If Deep Silver and Crytek can pull this off it could be a big change in the gaming market. Many of the current titles, although still good, lack the open and free environment that can make a game great. We will be keeping our eye on this one.

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