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Despite Microsoft Denials, Phone Partners are Still Worried; Nokia Says They Have a Backup Plan.

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MS-MythDespite the buzz over Google and Asus’ new Nexus 7 tablet there is still a lot of talk about Microsoft and their new Windows 8 combined push. Over the past week we have read a few very enlightening articles that tell us a lot more about the state of Windows 8 (RT and Phone) than is being publicly talked about. Right after surface there were several articles where analysts explored the possibility that Microsoft might be considering building their own phone in the same manner that they built the surface tablet.

After all if they are upset by their Tier One Partners in the PC business (which is still growing) what must they be thinking about the smart phone partners with a slim 5% market share? In an effort to calm everyone down Microsoft has made an official statement categorically denying that they have any plans to build their own phone. The denial both makes sense and does not as it could be argued that Microsoft should be more happy with the groups that are making them money than with the ones that are not. What we are guessing here is that Microsoft does not want to see their small base of partners jump ship right after the launch of Windows Phone 8.

We expect that the back lash from the press and partners over the Surface Tablet was unexpected and they are playing things very close to make sure that they are not going to get left in the dumps. This is even a bigger possibility as Microsoft is pretty much abandoning anyone with older hardware with the new OS (there is a minor interim upgrade, but it is small compared to the improvements in Windows Phone 8).

We do know that Microsoft’s partners are concerned about this as many of them are already showing of their designs publically through the age old “leak”. We also know that Nokia, Microsoft’s chief partner for WP8, is concerned as they have publically made the statement that they have a backup plan if Windows Phone 8 fails in the market. This is could allude to a deal with Google for Android or even the possibility that they will look to be purchased by another company. Right now we also feel that Microsoft might be eying the failing handset maker as they have invested a lot of time and money into them and with Nokia’s failing stock they would probably be a deal.

Of course there is also a new wrinkle in the mix as RIM has announced a staggering loss and is possibly considering splitting the company and putting the handset division up for sale. The potential contenders for buyers are Microsoft and, of course, Facebook. If Microsoft buys up RIM for a deal too good to pass up that would leave many of their partners very concerned and might make them reconsider continuing to work with someone that does not value what their partners bring to that table.


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