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Did Apple copy the Swiss Federal Railways clock?

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Apple, the big company that likes to brag about their “originality” and accuse everybody else of stealing their ideas, apparently stole something from Switzerland. This is the country famous for inventing clocks and watches, and not just any kind of it, but truly of the highest quality and with beautiful design. Now, the Swiss Federal Railways have accused Apple that of copying their official railway clock.

The clock we can find at the Swiss Federal Railways was designed by Hans Hilfiker, and it has its logo on it. It is the symbol of Switzerland and their railways. With its very simple, yet beautiful design no wonder Apple decided to copy it. When you put the original one side by side with Apple's, you can’t even find 2 differences between them. If we consider that one of them is a logo there is no need to talk any further. Apple has stolen their design and hopefully they will get sued over it.|
The original clock is trademarked and copyrighted by the Swiss Federal Railways service and even though they have been licensing the use of its design, Apple didn’t get one of those licenses. It will be interesting to see if the Swiss Federal Railways will sue Apple over this design copying, but if we consider that these days it's the most common thing to do we expect it to happen any time now especially with the ridiculously similar design that Apple has.

[Ed – This is just another in the long string of items that Apple has copied while pointing the finger at everyone else. The fact that they have gotten away with this for so long is due to their incredible marketing team. However, as we have said the reality distortion field is failing and quickly. Tim Cook does not have the power of personality that Steve Jobs did to keep this going. After the Samsung V Apple verdict there was a comment posted saying “If Apple copied so many people why aren’t they suing them?” well it looks like some of them are…]

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