Raijintek Themis EVO CPU Cooler Review - Conclusion

Last week we brought you a review of the Pallas low-profile CPU cooler from a new company called Raijintek.  We put it through our torture test and we were actually surprised at how well the little cooler did.  With plenty of clearance, a beautiful finish, a quiet fan and an affordable price, the Pallas passed with flying colors and earned itself the Editor’s Choice award.  Today we have the next installment in our series Raijintek CPU cooler reviews: the Themis Evo.


All in all, once the mounting conflict with the memory slots is solved (a problem with the included instructions, not the hardware itself), the Themis Evo is a good little cooler if you don’t plan on pushing it to its maximum potential or you don’t mind replacing the stock fan.  With an MSRP of $40 it is definitely affordable and looks good as well.  

Next up in the Raijintek series: The Ereboss.

Editor's note: After our review was complete it was made known to us that Raijintek has available a special adapter kit for AMD users that will allow this cooler (and any of their standard tower coolers) to be rotated 90 degrees when mounting.  This would obviously alleviate the issues I had with memory clearance during testing and allow for much greater flexibility when mounting to make best use of your case's air flow.

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