Raijintek Pallas CPU Cooler Review

Competition is one of the cornerstones of innovation, in the tech world and in many other areas.  When we have several different companies marketing products to us that serve the same function, they will each strive to bring us, the consumer, something better than their competition.  Price, performance, appearance - all of those are parts of the equation for value.  Some companies offer what is perceived to be (and very often is) absolute top-of-the-line quality at a premium price.  Others will present their product from the cost-to-performance ratio.  Still others will rely on aesthetics to bring in the consumer.  All are different and valid approaches to the marketplace, and if you’re in that market long enough you’ll likely eventually start to see a trend in certain brands, identifying which ones fit into which category.

Once in a while we get the chance to see something new though, the birth of a new company and thus an unknown approach to the marketplace.  We were recently contacted by one such company called Raijintek and asked if we would like to test their range of CPU coolers and fans.  Of course I jumped at the chance.  I love the opportunity to play with the newest toys.  

Raijintek has only been around for a few months as of this writing, and their products are not yet available in the North American market but they are on their way.  They haven’t started small either, with a full lineup of CPU coolers and fans at present and plans in the works to branch out into the realms of chassis, power supplies and mobile accessories.  They were kind enough to send us four of their CPU cooler lineup, from the low-profile Pallas to the gargantuan Nemesis cooler.  We will be doing a series of reviews on these, starting today with the Pallas.

What Raijintek has to say about the Pallas:

  “Pallas, Raijintek’s140mm high end low profile CPU cooler, is designed for most desktops, especially for HTPCs and narrow enclosures.  With a total height of 68mm including the 14013 PWM fan.  Pallas is designed by German engineers for presenting its greatly enhanced airflow and surface for heat dissipation, combined with full nickel plating and the super slim 14013 PWM fan.  Pallas also supports Intel and AMD modern CPU sockets and platforms.”


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