Wednesday01 February 2023

Facebook brings new options to improve our privacy

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Instead of the more usual changing of their privacy terms once again, Facebook this time decided on a different approach and simply improve existing privacy features. They began testing three new options which will try to accomplish that. New options have been designed on the basis of nearly 4,000 daily testing that Facebook implemented in 27 different languages.

The first change is the position change of the "audience selector" button that is used to select those who can see the posts that the user post on Facebook. From the lower right edge it is moved to the top so it would be the first thing people notice when placing the post. To choose who user wants to share posts on the menu will be immediately available only the two most popular options, public and friends, while other options will be available through a special menu.

Also, Facebook wants users to be aware of with whom they share their posts and are therefore intended third new option called "Privacy Checkup". This is a special pop-up window that warns users that did not change the posts settings (specifically those users who repeatedly publicly share their posts). Users are prompted to confirm that they really want to continue to share their posts via the Public option.

[Ed - We wonder if Facebook will add a "Hey Facebook, do not share my information" option in the future as that is something that we are sure many people would like to see.]

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