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Grand Theft Auto V will take place in a huge world

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It is already known that the Grand Theft Auto V will be a huge game, but probably no one had idea how big it would actually be. To be more precise, pictures of the official Grand Theft Auto V map leaked to the internet, which have given us an insight into the size of the area where the game will take place, and grandiosity displayed will not leave anyone indifferent - Grand Theft Auto V will indeed be a huge game.


Picture of the map that have escaped to the net have supposedly been taken from Brady Games Guide, and as you can see, the map covers a vast area from Los Santos in the south and two massive rural areas that make Los Santos County and Blaine County, which is located north of Los Santos. There will be long sandy beaches, lakes, rivers, mountains, vineyards, airports, observatories, prisons and many other locations you'll spend hours and hours of free time on. Rockstar had earlier claimed that GTA V will be bigger than GTA IV , San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption together, and it appears that they were not bluffing.

map map2

How large the area actually is you can see on the picture above. GTA V will be released on 17th September on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and we still expect official confirmation of the PC version.

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