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New MechWarrior game to be announced in 6 days?

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countWe have another possible new game announcement. This one again comes to us from a reader phone emailed this one in. A new site called MWTactics.com has popped up on the internet. This one also has another counter which at the time of this writing was set to about 6 days and some change.

We took a look at some of the code behind the site and found that this is indeed a site promoting a new MechWarrior game.  The details of the game are not certain at all, but we are suspecting a new form of multiplayer online (read CoOp)or real time strategy game with the MechWarriro theme.
After we received the email we did a quick search and found a tweet on Infinite Games Publishing (hmmm where have we heard of them before?) that simple stated; ”Choose Your Battles Wisely” and then a link to mwtactics.com.
At the bottom of the site is a form to reserve your commander name, this would seem to be in favor of our earlier suspicions.

So head on over to mwtactics.com if you are looking to get a jump on this new game from IGP and are a fan of MechWarrior.

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