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New Thief Trailer From Eidos Montreal Leaves More Concerned Than Excited

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Those of us who are fans of the now gone Looking Glass Studios have always enjoyed the fact that some of their legacy of creative games has lived on in titles like Bioshock  (which has been described as a tribute to the System Shock titles), but while we have had a legacy for their first person thriller/shooter we have always had a large hole in their first person sneaker title Thief. This amazing game, for those that do not know, required more cunning and stealth than a willingness to run head first into a room, guns blazing. However, perhaps our long (over 10 years) wait is almost over as a new trailer for the follow on Thief title, Thief – Out of the Shadows, has surfaced.

The new title will be from Eidos Montreal and so far appears to be following the same flavor of the game that we have come to love. Garrett is still your persona and you still have to sneak your way into and out of the different missions you are faced with. The project represents four years of work and we hope that Eidos understands what they are getting into by developing for this game. Thief is not a title that can have a short single player campaign and a heavy multi-player side. This is a game that must have a compelling and immersive campaign; failing this they will certainly disappoint fans of this series.

Looking over the trailer we already have our doubts about Eidos’ ability to deliver. The trailer looks flashy and has some great renders, but no in game shots. It also seems to be centered more on the act of stealing that what we saw in the previous three installments. In those Garrett was the tool (often unwillingly) of others to maintain the balance of power and to remove evil from The City. He was watched and manipulated by the Keepers, an order that Garrett left to pursue the life of a thief.

Already there is discontent about this new release floating around and some were even hoping that the trailer (released on April 1st or April Fool’s Day) was a hoax. Both unfortunately and fortunately it is not a hoax, now Eidos has to deliver on this game and we hope they are up to the task. You can see the trailer for yourself below. There is no exact word on a release date, but we do know that this will only be available to next generation consoles like the PS4 and, of course the PC. You can get more information at Thiefgame.com

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