Wednesday29 March 2023

No Android for Nokia smartphones

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After Nokia announced a deal in which they are seeking Linux specialists, many of the "experts" interpreted this as a sure sign that the company might cross over, or at least be planning to switch to Android. However, no matter how much we want to see Lumias running Android it looks like that will not happen.

Given that many have forgotten that the development of mobile phones is not the only thing Nokia deals with, Nokia's Head of Public Relations Doug Dawson, explained what was the matter. The ad in which they sought linux experts is associated with the recently launched platform Maps. Dawson recently tweeted “Hi. Our recently posted job is linked to our HERE Maps support for other platforms, including iOS and Android. Nothing more”. Nokia will offer their services to iOS and Android and it is in this case the only reason for the relationship with Linux.

Press releases from Nokia have repeatedly said that they are focused on Windows Phone [Microsoft has dumped a lot of money into them to keep them Windows Phone focused – Ed]. Sales of the first wave of devices in the U.S. did not go particularly well, and the company hopes that the new models with Windows Phone 8 will have better success in conquering the market. Although Nokia is the leading manufacturer of Windows Phone devices, the share of this platform in the world is still below 5%.

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