Sunday05 February 2023

Oculus VR reject accusations from ZeniMax

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After ZeniMax accused Oculus VR for stealing a technologies that were used to create Oculus Rift, the accused party decided to make a statement. The Oculus VR claim that not a single line of code from ZeniMax nor any of their technology is used in Oculus VR products.

Direct accusations against John Carmack who is allegedly the main thief were sharply rejected and referred that he left the id and ZeniMax because he was forbidden to work on the VR at their studios. To further substantiate his claims, Oculus VR stated that their source code for Oculus SDK is publicly available, and that ZeniMax has not yet identified the "stolen" code or technology in it.

Even Carmack himself tweeted that none of the work he has ever done at ZeniMax was patented, and that ZeniMax does not own the VR. Is this just an attempt from ZeniMax to get some money since Oculus was recently bought by Facebook for $2 billion, or do they really have a legal claim to the VR remains to be seen.

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