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Rockstar Claims They Have Fixed The Lost Progress Issues, But Only For the PS3

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In the realm of throwing things at the wall to see if something sticks we can add RockStar games. RockStar games has been trying anything to fix the massive number of problems that have plagued the launch of their GTA Online game. The issues have gotten so bad that many are on the verge of simply walking away. After we reported about the continuing issue with the loss of progress in the game we received multiple reports of people losing high level characters even when the game engines were reporting as online. This is not a minor issue and it certainly is one that RockStar needs to fix.


With that said, it looks like RockStar is throwing some more things at the wall to see if they fix anything. This time they are claiming that the latest “fix” will potentially correct the issues with lost progress, but only on the PS3. The rest will have to wait to another patch to be thrown out to see if you are still wasting time and money. According to the official statement from RockStar:

“A new title update to address the reported issues of game progress loss in GTA Online as well as other technical fixes, tweaks and enhancements is now available for PlayStation 3,”

They anticipate to have a fix for the Xbox 360 soon, but also admit that this fix does not correct all of the issues that have been reported for the game. We are not sure how much longer players are going to wait to have a stable and working game world to play in even with the progress issues potentially fixed. No one wants to unknowingly be a beta tester on a game that was supposed to be ready for general release.  We have already heard more than one complaint to this effect along with the expected comparisons to Blizzard’s botched job of launching Diablo III.

You would think that game development and publishing companies would learn from other mistakes made in the industry and have their products ready for launch instead of pushing titles on the market that have known issues just to meet a deadline. Having a fix in the works at launch time is not going to cut it especially in the online crowd when those bugs can result in the loss of accumulated game items and time.

Let us know if the new patch fixes your progress problems or tell us other issues you are having with GTA Online in our Forum or on Facebook.


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