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Sony merging departments

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Sony has a new Management unit created by merging the company's departments of Japan and Asia. The move is part of the company's restructuring to unify operations and reduce costs and duplication.

A new section with the name of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia will be led by Hiroshi Kawano, and the current president of SCE Asia in the new department will remain as a vice president. Under the new unified department Sony will have functions like administrative activities, development support, and product quality management. They will continue to separately perform marketing, sales, customer relationships, and online services.

These changes come ahead of the launch of the PlayStation 4. The new console will be faced with competition not only in the form of Microsoft's new Xbox, but with a growing category of gaming on mobile devices, and startup projects like Ouya. In the final quarter of last year, Sony has reported losses amounting to $115 million due to poor sales of the PSP and PS Vita, so they are now hoping to make a fiscal comeback with moves like this, and of course with the new Playstation 4.

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