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Friday, 09 August 2013 16:23

Strife – new MOBA game from S2

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S2 Games, the creators of MOBA game Heroes of Newerth, have announced a new official statement about creating a new game called Strife, which will also be a MOBA type of game and it should be completed during the winter. S2 CEO Marc DeForest said that the main motivation for the new game was the reading an article about the five worst gaming communities, in which Heroes of Newerth took the first place, and from my personal gaming experience, I can confirm that HoN community is really horrible.

It is interesting that after this announcement S2 Games became the only developers with two MOBA title given that along the work on the new game they intend to continue to provide support for the Heroes of Newerth. So the main idea is to create a possibly new MOBA game that will have a decent community. They also intend to pay more attention to the lore, so that players can get into an interesting world with stories about it that make sense, instead of just pushing random characters. When the game launches it will have around 25 heroes, and players will be able to purchase everything in game with real money or ingame currency earned from playing games.

As far as lore is concerned, we will mention that once again it revolves around the forces of darkness that are trying to conquer the whole world, and authors emphasize the idea of community, which means that players will have to work even harder if they want to beat the opponent teams.

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