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At almost every Apple event there was a big reveal at the end. This was typically preceded by Steve Jobs making saying “just one more thing”. Well Apple had an interesting day yesterday and in keeping with their pattern there is “just one more thing”. On top of the mountain of evidence that Apple coordinated the eBook price fixing deal with five publishers and the news that Apple iOS devices are susceptible to malware via their charging systems we are also hearing that Samsung has won a product ban against some Apple products from the International Trade Commission.

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Monday, 17 December 2012 20:58

Tegra 4 coming soon


nVidia will officially present the next generation of Tegra SoC  for mobile devices at the upcoming CES in January next year. It is a Tegra 4 chip codenamed Wayne and SoC solutions codenamed Grey with integrated 3G and LTE modems intended for cheaper mobile devices in the middle market segment. The latter will have ARM Cortex-A9 cores in the 4+1 configuration similar to Tegra 3.

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Padfone-01For those of you that are pinning for the Asus Padfone (we know we are) there is some good news (well sort of). Since it was first shown off at CES 2010 (in render form) there has been talk about battery life. Now that we have seen what devices like the Transformer and Transformer prime can do there has been even more speculation on the topic. Well is seems that Asus decided to let Engadget in on some battery performance numbers.

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73The patent war between Apple and the rest of the world has become old news. To most people the continuous fighting back and forth over patents, designs, and copyright is boring and is causing the products offered by the companies in question to put our little more than refreshes of existing technology. We have stopped reporting on much of it simply because it is the same news with different countries attached to it. However, something new and unusual is happening in the suit between Motorola and Apple in Germany…

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