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A5XThere are more claims showing that the “New” iPad is more powerful than the Tegra 3. This time they are using some very interesting evidence to show this off. One site in question is claiming that they are able to calculate the difference using the benchmarks from the iPad2. Now some of you might be thinking that this could be true since the iPad and the “new” iPad share the same base GPU core. Both have Power VR SGX 543 GPUs inside. The iPad 2 had a dual core SGX 543MP2 and the New iPad has the quad-core SGX 543MP4.

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Saturday, 10 December 2011 07:12

More Tahiti Pictures Leak onto the Web

News_RUBY5_lrgWell now, it looks like there are two leaked pictures on the Internet that are reportedly of AMD’s new Tahiti GPU. The first was leaked onto the Beyond3D Forums.  The image there appeared to show two of the next generation GPUs running in Crossfire. The image was enhanced to indicate where the memory chips were on the board and showed a total of 12 chips (again using small squares as indicators). These pictures much rampant speculation about what the memory architecture is as well as debate about the power requirements of this new GPU.

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